Simple Escheat Solution

The simple and smart way
to manage unclaimed property.

Save time and money. Eliminate surprises.

We’ve automated everything complicated about escheat filings. So now you can do-it-yourself and have the peace of mind you are doing it right. With our simple, one-time setup the system is ready to go in no time.

The definition of easy.
A single solution that checks everything off the list.

Always up-to-date.
All states, laws, deadlines and forms.

  • Keeps state guidelines and laws current
  • Identifies states where you must file
  • Provides up-to-date state forms
  • Delivers NAUPA required output files

Never miss a deadline.
Eliminate surprises.

  • Compliance calendars driven by state guidance, reporting deadlines, and exemptions
  • Automated deadline alerts via email and text
  • Due diligence deadlines
  • Property reporting requirements and deadlines by type, value thresholds, and dormancy periods

Expedite due diligence.
With ease.

  • Customized due diligence letter generation
  • Complete due diligence tracking
  • Response management and document retention
  • Outsourced mailing services (optional at added cost)

Escheat management.
All in one place.

  • Straightforward compliance dashboard
  • Activity tracking and data logs; complete history
  • Delivered management reports
  • Archives provide audit trail and fraud prevention

Built to be simple.
No training required.

  • Step-by-step guidance that trains as you go
  • SimpleTips provide quick access to best practices, definitions and answers
  • Designed to work the way users think

Easy data management.
Drag & drop easy.

  • Data import templates and easy drag & drop mapping
  • Smart-import facility checks for data completeness, duplicates, required codes, and accuracy
  • Comprehensive file archives
  • GL entry exports

Low IT burden.
Security you can trust.

  • Quick start-up with simple, one-time company setup
  • Simple software installation
  • Continuous, automated software and feature updates
  • SOC 2 data security

The benefits of using Simple Escheat.

When you manage your unclaimed property reporting with Simple Escheat, the benefits are clear:

Saves time

Reduces compliance costs

Eliminates surprises

Protects against fraud

Provides peace of mind

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