About Us

The genesis of Simple Escheat.

Putting escheat, tax, compliance, and technology brains to work.

Escheat Solutions was formed when JMS Advisory Group and DTS came together combining escheat and tax compliance superstars with the technical savvy of state-of-the-art software developers. The vision was to automate unclaimed property reporting to make it efficient and easy for companies of any size to manage their state filing requirements in-house. The result is an “app easy” software solution with unmatched accuracy and completely flexible pricing.

Combining escheat and automation leaders.

JMS Advisory Group (JMS)

JMS is a consulting firm that specializes in unclaimed property and escheat services. Its founders have rich backgrounds in unclaimed property and state/local tax consulting services with several of the world’s largest accounting firms. Although JMS serves some of the largest brands in the country, it has always placed emphasis on smart use of technology resources to achieve efficiencies typically not delivered by larger firms. This approach helped drive the inception of Simple Escheat and continues to refine the application’s development.

Dynamic Tax Solutions (DTS)

DTS is a technology company that specializes in deploying advanced sales and use tax automation. Its founders have decades of client service and corporate tax experience that have allowed them to develop state-of-the-art software to efficiently identify and solve systematic tax issues for which other solutions have fallen short. TaxView Pro, its flagship application, is deployed at some of the largest US companies and is regularly returning its clients millions of dollars of savings every year. Leveraging the success of the TaxView model was instrumental in delivering on the vision for Simple Escheat.

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.”
Leonardo da Vinci

Why companies select Simple Escheat.

Simple Escheat was built by unclaimed property experts so
companies could manage the entire process by themselves.

It’s different than other solutions because it is:


We’ve made unclaimed property compliance easier. Simple Escheat is an “app easy” software solution that enables you to manage the entire process in-house with little or no training. Its SimpleTips and step-by-step guidance trains as you go. Users go through a simple, onetime setup and the system is ready to do all the work.


Built by experts, CPAs and attorneys that specialize in state tax and unclaimed property reporting, Simple Escheat automates every compliance step. Your unclaimed property filings will always be accurate and meet the most up-to-date state requirements.


Our flexible pricing fits the needs for companies of all sizes and complexities—from those with straightforward requirements to those wrestling with the complexity of escheat filings in every state. Your investment is based on what you need today and can be easily scaled up or down as your needs change.

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