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Customize your Simple Escheat Basic Plan - Delivered Electronically

Our pricing is designed to be simple. But one-size doesn’t always fit all. Select the add ons to customize Simple Escheat to fit your exact needs.

Additional Records (50,000 blocks)

$1,000.00 / year


Additional Holder (FEIN)

$1,000.00 / year


Additional User

$1,000.00 / year


*7-day trial includes all application functionality, except producing due diligence letters, state reports, and NAUPA files.

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Total Escheat Management

Need a complete outsourced solution to manage your unclaimed property compliance and reporting?

Frequently Asked Questions

It is a combination. You will download a simple application to your computer which controls immediate access to the functionality updates, and all your data is stored securely in the cloud.

Reporting to a state is required based on the last known address of the owner (i.e. the payee on a check); therefore the number of states represented in your outstanding items data will dictate where you must file.

You must pick the plan that covers the greatest needs in these four areas; number of states, number of FEINs, number of transaction records, and number of users.

So if you only need to file for one FEIN, but in 25 states, you will need to subscribe to the Simple Escheat Premier plan. However, if you need to report in all states, but only have one user and one FEIN, you will need to subscribe to the Simple Escheat Enterprise plan.

Yes, you can upgrade at any time to another plan from any version online within the Simple Escheat application.

No. Your renewal date will always be 365 days from your original subscription date.